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Site Update History:
05/27/13 added Evolution Right Under Our Noses article to links page.
05/27/13 added The Fun Mouse orphan link to my orphans article.
05/26/13 added How To End Up With Pet Kangaroo Rats to the links page.
05/26/13 added Wee Little Beasties to the links page.
05/26/13 added the Glory of Stu to the links page.
05/25/13 added the original Bucky Goldstein's G.W. Deer Mouse Ranch classic site to the links page.
05/20/13 added Catch A Mouse, The Better Mouse Trap to the links page.
04/11/13 changed our hosting service to Bluehost.
07/21/12 added Stephen Morley's programming site to the links page.
07/21/12 added Choctawhatchee Beach Mouse link to home page.
07/21/12 added sliding menu navagation to all pages.
07/18/12 added Whitney's Method to Orphaned Babie page.
07/03/12 added AJ's comments to Orphaned Babie page.
06/29/12 Updated Orphaned Babies and Release Shelter pages.
06/28/12 Updated Links page, added A Mouse’s Tail - The Dragon Whisperer Diaries Lucinda Hare.
06/20/12 Added Muffin’s Story from the no longer active mouse@horns site.
06/05/12 Removed Penguins main menu option and Moved Douglas to Miscellanea.
06/04/12 Updated the Diabetes FYI page fixing broken links.
06/04/12 Updated the Home page content, moved Updates to its own page.
06/01/12 Redesigned and updated entire site with a modern look and feel.
05/26/12 Updated the Hantavirus article. Fixed broken links.
12/29/08 Added new links for Mouse Agility, Radical Rodents and
01/15/08 Added list of Good Vets.
01/14/08 Updated the Diet of Mice article.
01/14/08 New website link to Larry Gould's Deer Mice page.
01/14/08 New website link to Michael Emerson's Deer Mouse care sheet.
01/13/08 Added a section for Dermott (a Pacific Jumping Mouse).
01/13/08 New website link to Baby Deer Mice as Pets.
12/12/07 New website link to The Chipmunk Chronicles.
12/09/05 Added Stuey's Story about a wonderful little friend.
12/08/05 The Deer Mice as Pets forum is down again!
06/02/05 The Deer Mice as Pets forum is up and running again!
06/30/05 Added a new section on antihistamines to the Itchy& Scratchy article.
03/29/05 Added plans for a mouse Release Shelter to the FYI section.
05/28/04 Added FYI article the Diet of Mice on diet and nutritional information.
03/29/04 Added Article Itchy & Scratchy on itching and skin disorders
01/04/04 Added FYI article on the Cuterebra Fly.
01/04/04 Updated Article on Diabetes.
10/16/03 New section for Mouse City, pictures from Magnolia town site.
09/14/03 Added Ann Vole's comments to Orphaned Babies and Wild Release.
08/27/03 Added a new section for Care Sheets with 2 items.
08/19/03 Articles and message boards moved to main menu.
02/22/03 Added Bucky Beaver page (no relation to Bucky Goldstein).
02/14/03 Added server based email scripts to replace client email.
01/30/03 Added Article Releasing Mice to the Wild.
11/15/02 Added ICQ and MSN contact information.
11/14/02 Updated links to EnTER Fantasia Exotics on links page.
08/14/02 Finnmouse's new link added to links page.
08/08/02 The Rat Fan Club link added to links page.
07/27/02 Four new pictures of Pumpkin, age 10 months.
07/08/02 >Added Article Taming Wild Mice by Ed Hofler.
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