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Mouse City
The Old Magnolia Town Site
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Mouse City got it's name because it is an ideal location for releasing mice that have been humanely trapped. There are plenty of hiding places and sheltered locations for mice until they find more their own food and shelter.

Mouse City is located at the old Magnolia town site a little west of Boulder. Founded in 1875, Magnolia was scattered over a large area after rich ore was discovered. Hiram Fullen made the first ore discovery here in the Big Hill Mining District which included mines like the Keystone, Mountain Lion, Washington, Little Nand and Lady Franklin. Magnolia was an operational mining town into the early 1900's. Now it's a ghost town providing shelter for relocated deer mice.

Mouse City is located just off Magnolia Drive on the south side of the road between the 2 and 3-mile markers. The elevation is close to 7,000 feet, mixed between high altitude forest and meadowland. Tree cover includes aspen, Douglas fir, lodge pole pine and ponderosa pine.

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