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Priscilla (Aunt Prissy)
Domestic House Mouse
© paul goodman, 2001.

Aunt Prissy was a funny little brown house mouse that I found in the feeder tank at the pet store. Through she didn't have any obvious illness until the end of her life, she would run in circles, always turning to the left. When another mouse was running on the wheel, she would run in a circle around the base of the wheel. Prissy's favorite food was pumpkin seeds. She would often happily run around with a pumpkin seed in her mouth before settling down to eat it.

She enjoyed taking care of babies and though she didn't have any of her own, she played an important part in raising 20 deer mice babies. She was a wonderful nanny and never tried to hurt or fight with another mouse.

Prissy died on July 6, 2001 and is greatly missed. I hope you enjoy these pictures of her.

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