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Speedy's Story
Meadow Vole
© Jess

Speedy was caught in late November of 2000 by my little cousin Roger. He was sleigh riding by a corn field and found her all alone and she was just a baby. She was so cold she could hardly move so he picked her up and took her inside. Now my aunt Debbie and uncle Mike keep her in their house. They first thought she was a mouse and bought her a friend, Shrek (a mouse). They now live side by side, Speedy in an aquarium and Shrek in a Habittrail habitat. I'm pretty sure Speedy is a female, but it is just a guess because I'm not sure how easily a vole is to sex. She is very, very clean and keeps her space very tidy. Her cage doesn't need to be cleaned very much at all (another reason I think its probably a female). She loves tunnels and even makes tunnels out of her bedding (I read that voles live in tunnels in the wild).

Speedy (meadow vole)
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