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Domestic House Mouse
© paul goodman, 2001.

I found Snowy at the Boulder Valley Humane Society. He was in a cage by himself and very shy, I figured he would have a hard time finding a good home. I managed to pick him up and play with him, so I took him home.

Because he was all white, I named Snowy after Tin Tin’s little white Wire Fox Terrier. I figured he could live with the female deer mice and have company so I put him in with Squeek and Pumpkin because they were the only 2 in their cage. After a few days, Squeek bit the end of his tail so badly that he lost a half inch of it. She also pierced his ear. I removed him to let him heal (that's when these pictures were taken).

I then tried to house him with CC Athena and Ghost. I was a little worried because these girls have been known to bite (me), but they got along with only a little conflict. He suffered a few bites, but nothing major. After a few days they were sleeping together and seem to get along.

These pictures were taken in a dark room and lightened up using Paint Shop Pro, so the quality isn't as good as it would have been with proper lighting.

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